How Stressful Is A Divorce?

No matter what the circumstances are, the decision to go through with a divorce can be one of the most challenging moments in a person’s life. Strong emotions are often triggered on both sides which can leave you feeling emotionally drained. Although these feelings are completely normal and validated, they can be detrimental to your mental health. Stress, unfortunately, is inevitable in this process but the Proactive Divorce™ can help ease the burden. By learning to manage these complications and accept them rather than let them take over, we can ensure your well-being and mental health. 

The Divorce Process And How To Cope

Making The Decision

The decision to legally end a marriage will set off a long and aggravating process. Even aside from the legal and financial issues, the emotional impact is often enormous and can extend to children, grandchildren, friends, and extended family. Chances are family members will have to face an emotional challenge as well. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that there are no alternatives such as a temporary separation or possibly going to a marriage therapy to get expert advice and help. However, if you are certain the decision is final, reaching out to a lawyer is the first step in the exhausting process. Oftentimes, lawyers will provide free initial consultations. These are recommended as it gives you a general idea of the likely legal and financial outcomes.

How To Process Divorce Emotionally

Many people can become emotionally unstable during a divorce. It can lead you to question everything in your life, including your ability to deal and cope with the pain. A divorce can expose your greatest fears and sensitivities, so you must be able to recover your self-esteem. This often takes time but by utilizing some of these coping techniques, you can ease the stress and help take care of yourself.  

  • Create An Exercise Routine: Divorce can take a toll on one’s self-esteem. However, you can combat this by implementing a workout routine into your daily life. Exercise helps to create structure in your life, manage stress, create chemicals in the brain that affect happiness, and make you feel better in your own body. Whether you prefer to workout by lifting, running, or practicing yoga, all of these can help you regain your confidence and improve your mood. 
  • Eat Healthy: Eating a healthy diet can actually correspond to less stress in one’s life. Stress tends to negatively affect blood pressure and blood flow, therefore, eating organic, nutritious foods is recommended to improve the cardiovascular system and help cope with excess stress or anxiety.
  • Volunteer: Volunteering can be one of the most gratifying experiences. By savoring the time spent helping others in need, you will attain a sense of appreciation which can in return have stress-reducing effects. 
  • Support Groups/Therapy: You may feel alone in a time like this, but there are thousands of people going through a similar experience as you. By joining a support group, you can communicate and share common feelings with other people coping with a divorce as well. Additionally, seeing a therapist to help you through these times is a great way to relieve much of the burden on your shoulders. Some may be embarrassed to seek help from a therapist, but your mental health is of the utmost importance and you should never shy away from the opportunity to get professional help.
  • Surround Yourself With Friends and Family: Instead of withdrawing from society, you should surround yourself with loved ones who will bring feelings of happiness. Friends can provide you with some of the best support, relief, and perspectives. Remember how much they mean to you and spend quality, stress-free time with them.
  • Stop The Negativity and Self Guilt: It’s important to never beat yourself up over what could have gone differently in the marriage. No one can change the past, so attempt to learn and accept what the present is offering you. Dwelling on the past can only cause further stress and harm. 
  • Build Financial Freedom: Many people go long periods of time without working in a marriage. Therefore, you may need to go to school or find a job in order to build your own financial freedom. This can help create a sense of independence and set a positive example for your children. Also, there is nothing more satisfying than bringing home your own money once again. 

Facing Money Issues

In addition to the emotional toll that a divorce can have on a person, you may also have to deal with stress from finances. This can be particularly difficult in relationships that were ended because of mistrust or even ended because of money itself. If your partner previously took care of all the financial matters, make it a priority to learn how to budget and manage your own finances. For large financial decisions such as selling a house, ask for help from your lawyer who can help you along the way. Luckily, most couples agree on financial settlement without having to go to court but even then, a divorce settlement can take over a year to finalize. 

A Less Stressful Way To Divorce

Are you one of many people considering getting a divorce but are concerned about the time, energy, costs, and stress that goes into the divorce process? Fortunately, The Divorce Expert has created a new Proactive Divorce™ which is a faster, more cost-effective solution to the traditional divorce process. My years of experience as a family law attorney, forensic accountant, mediator, and financial planner, have given me the ability to view a divorce from a multitude of professional platforms. In return, I have created an atypical approach to the typical divorce processes which provides you with a simpler, faster method of divorce to reduce your overall stress levels. Contact us today for more information.

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