Is The Divorce Expert Right For You?

The traditional divorce process can be time-consuming, costly and sometimes even downright ugly for every member of the family. As a response, the Proactive Divorce™ was developed to provide spouses with a new divorce process that could circumvent these flaws and lead to a faster, more civil agreement. However, at The Divorce Expert we believe in honesty and transparency, that is why we find it important to point out that our process might not be suitable for everyone. Every divorce case is different, so just because the Proactive Divorce™ works for somebody, it doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be the best option for someone else. If you’re unsure of how to get a divorce, below you will find information that might help you determine whether the Divorce Expert is right for you.

Reasons Why The Proactive Divorce™ Might Not Be A Good Fit

In order for the Proactive Divorce™ process to work, it is necessary that both spouses be on board with it. However, this is not always the case and without a mutual agreement the process won’t even be able to begin. As such, there will always be people who need to litigate. Some of the reasons why the Proactive Divorce™ might not be suitable for a case include:

Unwillingness to Accept Change

When people first think of divorce, litigation is likely what comes to mind. This is because litigation has become the norm for divorce processes and as such, most people have been programmed to believe that it is necessary in order to carry on with a divorce. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to easily accept change and divorce in itself is already a large change in one’s life. Introducing a new divorce process during an already stressful time may prove too overwhelming for some parties to handle.

Serious Parenting Issues or Accusations

In cases where parties are undergoing a divorce and have a minor child or children, the child’s well-being should always come first. Family law professionals often talk about “the best interest of the child” and The Divorce Expert fully agrees with this premise. As such, we will not accept a case that we believe involves serious parenting issues or accusations. For example, if one parent were to have a drug or alcohol problem, in order to keep the best interest of the minor child in mind the situation would likely require additional court interaction that is not provided through The Divorce Expert.

Lack of Trust

Lack of trust is one of the most common reasons for divorce, so it is not uncommon for trust issues to exist between divorcing parties. At The Divorce Expert, we understand when one spouse is skeptical of another and our process is intended to satisfy that skepticism. Unfortunately, there are cases where the trust issues are too serious and one or both parties will not trust the Proactive Divorce™ result. In such instances,The Divorce Expert will probably not be a suitable option.


The Divorce Expert tends to cost a fraction of what the traditional divorce process does. However, the Divorce Expert’s purpose is not necessarily intended to be a low-cost divorce solution. The Proactive DivorceTM includes a flat fee that controls the costs incurred during the divorce. Those costs include highly trained, certified and licensed professionals completing various accounting services, legal services, valuation services, psychological services, mediation services, and much more. While a Proactive DivorceTM could cost as low as $3,500, the average Proactive DivorceTM process tends to cost between $3,500 and $7,500. This is significantly less compared to the cost of a typical divorce but it is not a guarantee. Since every divorce is different, it is possible that the cost could be higher depending on the facts of the case. In order to get a better estimate of what a certain case might cost, we request that potential clients fill out our questionnaire. 

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A Different Approach to Family Law

We believe in the importance of offering spouses a different divorce process that is ultimately beneficial for every party financially and emotionally. However, if one of our professionals feels that one spouse is not in accordance with the Proactive DivorceTM process or is being forced to participate, then the case will not be accepted. If you feel that the Proactive DivorceTM process can work for you, please contact The Divorce Expert today.