Should You Get A Divorce? How To Know When It’s Time

Knowing when to get a divorce is never clear, and at The Divorce Expert, we understand how difficult of a decision it can be. So we are here to help you navigate your thoughts and emotions during the decision-making process. Divorce in itself is intimidating and there are often many factors to consider when contemplating divorce. These could range from lack of communication, intimacy, emotional wellbeing, and more. Deciding to separate is a very big decision that can cause major changes in your life, whether economically, socially, or personally. While there are no exact or fixed reasons as to why you should get a divorce, here are a couple of reasons you may want to consider when contemplating separation. 

Signs That It’s The Right Time For A Divorce

Communication is Off

If you feel like it has become increasingly difficult to communicate with your partner, this may be a sign that divorce is an option for you. It is normal for couples to, oftentimes, have difficulty communicating. However, if you find that your spouse isn’t communicating with meaning (discussing issues important to each other or your family, or working towards addressing conflict within your household or lifestyle), then it is valid to contemplate divorce as your next option. When in a relationship, it is crucial for partners to listen to each other and understand their thoughts, emotions and needs. If communication occurs less frequently, and if you feel as though listening has become an inopportune task, divorce and separation could be in your future. 

Feelings of Indifference

If you notice a change of behavior, one that is more distant, indifferent, or cold, then it may be something to observe closely. Oftentimes, distant behavior that occurs consistently could be an early insight into a divorce later on. Being distant and feeling indifferent to your spouse makes it difficult to hold communication and continue to have meaningful conversations. Without the space to talk, hear, and listen to each other’s thoughts and emotions intently, it becomes harder to maintain the relationship. Furthermore, personal comfort often helps sustain a relationship. If you notice that it has become harder to maintain comfort with your partner, then indifference could be a more pressing issue. If you are having trouble bringing up simple topics of conversation or are unable to act out of comfort or care because of this indifference, then it could be an important sign when contemplating a divorce. 

Lack of Emotional Intimacy 

Being able to connect and relate to your partner is essential when in a relationship. If you feel as though it has become harder to connect with your spouse, there may be an issue present with your emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy is important with your significant other, especially when it provides you the space to care for each other, learn more about each other’s goals and feelings, and grow together. Being able to understand each other’s feelings and being able to handle conflict within the relationship holds an essential role. If you find that your emotional intimacy has begun to decline, and is consistently decreasing, it may be an early sign that divorce is an option to think about.

Lingering Conflict 

Between partners, it is inevitable for conflict to occur. Disagreements on issues of routine or lifestyle, economic situations, social dilemmas, and even personal decisions are often present throughout the course of a relationship. Nevertheless, it is important to be able to address conflict in calm and effective ways where all parties feel understood and safe. Being able to listen and communicate through conflict is a healthy insight into a relationship. However, if you find that issues with your spouse remain unresolved and continue to linger in distaste, it may be an important aspect to observe. Lingering conflict could lead to long-term conflicts if they go unresolved and could degrade meaningful connections and conversations in the future.

An Alternative To The Traditional Divorce Process

As we’ve mentioned before, getting a divorce is often very difficult, both emotionally and financially, and requires substantial contemplation before deciding. So when is divorce the right answer? It varies greatly and ultimately depends on the specific relationship, what each spouse wants from the other, and whether or not the spouses can work through their problems. If you’ve decided that divorce is right for you, at The Divorce Expert we have created the Proactive Divorce™ to help you move quickly through the divorce process and save you time, money and energy.

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